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Direct Hair Implant Technique in Hair Transplantation

This technique is the latest in the field of hair transplantation as it is less invasive and less harmful to scalp tissues and is under local anesthesia. The DHI hair transplant is performed in two or more sessions, and what determines the number of sessions to complete the hair transplantation are the baldness areas and the hair follicles donor area (the back side of the head). This technique can cover large bald areas and give a more beautiful front line. The duration of the session varies from 3 to 7 hours depending on what the condition of each patient requires. DHI hair transplantation technique is almost painless, as the patient can relax during the process, and its results are absolutely guaranteed as the hair transplantation process is completely natural and healthy as well. Hair begins to grow after at least 16 weeks and quite naturally in the new place where it is implanted. DHI hair transplantation steps:

1. Review of the location of hair loss and places of baldness: to estimate the area of baldness, pattern of hair loss, rate of hair loss, nature of scalp skin and hair follicles in the donor area.

2. Anesthetize the donor area and start picking hair follicles from the donor area and placing them in a special solution for safekeeping.

3. Special pens (Choi pens) are used for placing a single hair follicle in each, then opening new hair channel and implanting the hair follicle immediately in the bald area immediately (i.e. combining two steps: channel opening and implanting phases that are done seperately in the FUE technique)

DHI hair transplantation advantages:

- Free of holes and stitches process of opening traditional hair channels

- Transplanting of hair follicles immediately after extraction

- There is no scarring or stitching

- There is no swelling or edema after the operation

- Less hyperventilation of the scalp

- There is almost no pain during anesthesia

- Growth of hair implanted during a shorter period of time using FUE hair transplantation technique

- High success rate of up to 97%

- Cultivation number of hair follicles more

- Suitable for both women and men

- Suitable for hair, beard and eyebrows