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Men Hair Transplant

More than 50% of men suffer from hair fall with different degrees until they reach the age of 50. And in some casces, hair fall may start very early at the age of 20.

The main reason for most of hair fall cases in men is related to Androgenetic Alopecia; on the other hand, the hair fall caused by genetic factors happens when the male hormones cause sort of deflation to the hair follicles which leads to abnormal hair with short life cyrcle. While the other causes of hair fall varies uncommenly between Thyroid gland disorders, psychological disorders, arbitrary usage of medications, and others.

Follicular Unit Extraction FUE:

We at Adem & Havva clinic are proud to have a highly qualified medical team with wide experience and specialised in performing hair transplant operations without any scars or any other side effects for the sculp. That is due to the new up-to-date method in hair transplantaion FUE; as the specialists choose a part of the back side of the head (the hair follicles donor area) and start harvesting the hair follicles without leaving any abnormal appearance of the donor area.
In one hair transplant session, the estimated number of transplanted hair follicles is 4000-4500 due to the new FUE technique which gives a natural look to the man and stop reasons of baldness.