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Hollywood Smile

Veneers is a thin layer of colored materials placed on the front teeth. The aim is to control the appearance of the teeth in terms of shape, size and color to give a smile that simulates the smile of celebrities and artists. The advantages of veneers are that it is an easy choice, is simple to apply and gives a full natural appearance. The results are impressive.

It solves the problems of patients with cracks, gaps, abnormal discoloration or worn teeth.

- Porcelain

is the most resistant, most effective and lasting crust. It also mimics the color of surrounding teeth and has unique properties in capturing and reversing light in a manner similar to natural enamel.

- Lumineers:

It is a special type of ceramic crust, thinner than the usual porcelain. It does not require the usual drilling while preparing the teeth. It has all the advantages of Porcelain and gives great results and high durability.

- Zirconia:

It is ideal for patients with severely damaged teeth and can be stronger than traditional ceramic crusts and enhance the structure of damaged teeth.