What is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

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What is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

Hair transplantation can be defined as a persistent solution for hair loss. A hair transplantation procedure can be expressed as a microsurgical procedure that is performed in a hospital surgical setting. The idea microsurgical procedure implies that a hair transplantation procedure will be carried out with minimal surgical intervention, unlike traditional surgery. One of the most frequently asked questions: What is the best hair transplantation clinic in Turkey?

A hair transplantation surgery is an effective and permanent solution for individuals experiencing ‘male-pattern baldness, which is also referred to as androgenetic alopecia. A lot of from these, people who have scars or have lost hair due to various kinds of hair diseases can also safely undergo a hair transplantation surgery.

A Complete Pain Relief Method in Hair Transplant. Reply to the use of sedation provided down there the direct surveillance of our Anesthesiologist; you will no longer feel any pain during the administration of local anaesthesia before the hair transplant procedure. As a consequence, you will have a more comfortable and pain-free hair transplant experience.

Indeed though hair transplants are generally considered as the indolent organization, this new method will help our patients who suffer from needle phobia, to feel at ease, allowing them to relax during the process. Owing to this, the level of pain that was currently at a minimum is now eliminated.
What is Sedation?
Sedation is the act of producing a state of calm or sleeps under controlled sedative drug administration, monitoring the depth of sedation with the types of drugs used and the amount given explicitly tailored to each patient needs.

Do I Have to Receive Sedation?

Sedation is efficient and reliable even in growing children, and as we previously mentioned, it assures the patient a discomfort free hair transplant procedure with zero pain. But then repeat, we continue to offer hair transplant procedures without sedation for patients who do not prefer. Sedation to be administered.

FUE Hair Transplant Operation
Hair transplants have come to a long way since the first days, but it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that hair transplant started to take shape, being performed with techniques that are practised today worldwide.

Hair transplants transferred with the FUT method during the nineties has been replaced by the FUE method, which was developed in the early 2000s and introduced in 2005. Even though the method has been in continuous development with some further refinement, the basic principles of FUE remain the same. Today, the method continues to be regarded as the gold standard of hair transplantation surgery.
The most advanced method in hair transplantation is the FUE technique.

Today, somebody experiencing hair loss can be provided with natural-looking hair with the latest modern technique FUE, the gold standard of hair restoration.
The main difference in doing the FUE technique for hair transplantation is that it leaves no scars and its recovery time is shorter. The successfulness of the operations has also increased as a consequence of the advances in medical devices utilized in the FUE method. FUE procedure can be performed with a variety of different instruments. As a consequence of this, the method is known with a few different names.

Hair Transplant Techniques

Classic FUE (via micromotors)
Robotic FUE
DHI technique (FUE performed with Choi implanters)
Sapphire FUE (FUE performed with Sapphire blades)
As an example, an FUE hair transplant that is performed with sapphire blades, which has been introduced recently, delivers more successful outcomes. This generally is because the incisions created by utilizing modules that are made from smooth sapphire crystals heals faster and leaves only a barely visible scar.

What is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey? Answer: Adam Havva Clinic

hair transplant in turkey

hair transplant in turkey

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